We process all orders within 48hrs. Our 12”x6” and 12”x8”
slates are sent Fedex 2-day shipping. All other sizes are sent UPS ground and
typically take 1-5 days depending on how far from Northern California you are

Yes! If you order our mounted option, we supply
screws, washers, and wall plugs. If you choose our hanging option, we supply a
sturdy leather strap. If you are purchasing an indoor gift plaque and choose
the ‘no holes’ option, we supply two plastic stands to display your slate.

Yes! It
is actually very easy to drill holes in the slate.  We recommend a
glass and tile drill bit 3/16" which looks like a miniature spade (you can
find it in any good hardware store) although any masonry drill bit will work.
When you start to drill be careful that it doesn't 'skid' over the surface of
the plaque, we suggest you drill through a damp sponge to keep the heat down
and the surface protected. 

Slate is a
naturally brittle stone. Once mounted it will last a lifetime but, in transit,
it can get broken by careless handling. We have an
excellent record with Fedex and UPS with less than a 1% breakage rate however,
inevitably, breakages do occur.

you need to do is take a picture of the broken slate outside of the bubble
envelope along with any damage to the packaging and email it to:

we’ve received your evidence of damage, we will be able to send you out a
replacement slate.

than taking a picture there is no further action you need to take. We will take
care of the claim and replace your plaque. You do not need to return the broken
plaque to us, the photo will suffice as proof of the damage.

We are always working with customers on completely unique designs, it’s our
favorite part of our business! Just email simon@sassysquirrelink.com with your request.
One of our designers will work closely with you to perfect your unique design
before creating a custom order for you.

Because our website is set up for you to see your
personalization details including your chosen font on a template, a proof will
only be sent to you by special request only.

Because of the custom nature of our products, we do not
offer returns. We do want to ensure that our customers have a great experience
with us, so please do reach out with any issues you may have. We will always
try to find a resolution for you.

best to contact us through email. We work in the office for the first couple of
hours each day and then move to the workshop to start making our plaques! If
you prefer, you can talk to Simon by phone. Our contact details are as follows:

Kelly – Kelly@sassysquirrelink.com