Handmade and Customizable Slate Song Lyric Sign - Love Lyric Plaque - Sassy Squirrel Ink
Handmade and Customizable Slate Song Lyric Sign - Love Lyric Plaque - Sassy Squirrel Ink
Handmade and Customizable Slate Song Lyric Sign - Love Lyric Plaque - Sassy Squirrel Ink
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Customizable Slate Song Lyric Sign - Love Lyric Plaque - Handmade and Personalized

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The perfect Anniversary or Valentines Gift! A beautifully handcrafted solid slate plaque, hand cut, with your choice of song lyrics, Wedding Vows, Bible Verse, or any other customization you can think of! 


-- Handcrafted in America at Sassy Squirrel Ink Studios, CA, we individually select every piece of slate and use state of the art UV technology to imprint your design onto your plaque. This results in an incredibly high definition finish.

-- We offer 2 sizes: 12"x 8" or 16"x10"

Please note, this is a hand cut piece of slate with natural flaws and irregularities. Due to the process of chipping the edges, the slate may be slightly irregular in shape and have incomplete corners. We love working with this natural material to produce a product that is completely unique and individual


-- You can hang on a wall with a leather strap provided, or you can mount on a stand, also provided, to display on a dresser or table.


Slate is a very durable, fine grained, metamorphic rock formed in the earth over 400 millions ago. It has a very low absorption rate of water, which makes it perfect for outdoor conditions. Slate has two lines of breakability – cleavage and grain – which make it possible to split the stone into thin sheets. When broken, slate retains its natural appearance while remaining incredibly strong and durable. It is for these reasons that it has been so widely used in roofing, flooring, billiard tables and blackboards..

Slate is very user friendly giving you the durability and look of thick stone without being too bulky and heavy making it easy to hang or mount.


--Choose your size and click the personalize now button to fill in your details!  If you wish to personalize even more, we can apply a transparent band at the bottom of your photo, creating a soft background for a personal message or description which is applied in black text.

-- The information will be copied and pasted into the design, therefore, provide exactly what you want to see on your plaque. We will not be guessing the spelling, single/ plural forms, commas, apostrophe and other punctuation use.

 -- It is VERY IMPORTANT to double check the details that you submit to us. 

-- If you need to make a change or want a custom request please contact us within 24 hours of ordering.

**International customers are responsible for duties, taxes, and other fees that may be incurred on international packages.**